Ilona Repkina - ilonitta

About me

Ilona Repkina aka ilonitta
Hi, there! I am Ilona, a surface pattern designer, illustrator and watercolor artist based Ukraine.

I am working in watercolor, and line art in both traditional and digital formats. The beauty of nature and little things from everyday life influences my style. I am happy to spend time doing what I love most. Encouraged by happy customers from all over the world, I am spurred on to make plans for a creative future.

I draw in Adobe Illustrator using Wacom Cintique Companion 2 and create digital patterns for textile, clothing, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, room wallpaper etc.

Here you may find links to my fresh graphic products on Etsy, Creative Market, DesignBundles, Design Cuts, my social media templates on Canva or order a fabric with my prints on Spoonflower.
Also, you may test some of my works for free on Freepik.

Feel free to contact me:
Welcome to my Youtube Channel!
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